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Our Services

we provide the right smart security system for your home

Put your business at heart and protect people, places and property with confidence with Envision’s high-quality security products.

CCTV System

CCTV security systems will help you improve your personal security, protect valuable property and equipment, and provide an effective monitoring tool for day-to-day operations.

Biometric Door Access System

Biometric access control systems offer the most effective and convenient way to protect your building and assets. So that you will never have to worry about the possibility of theft and vandalism.

Face Recognition Access System

Facial recognition access control systems provide employees with quick and easy access to the workplace while preventing fraud.

Card Access system

The card access system makes access easier to manage, while also improving the overall security of the facility where it is installed, without the need to remember passwords.

Alarm System

The alarm system can be used in detecting unauthorized entry into any building or any property, burglary, or another ongoing emergency, and signaling such events either locally or audibly.

turnstile security access system

Turnstile security access control systems provide increased security in their own right. They allow only authorized personnel to enter the facility and block unwanted entrants in an almost completely autonomous manner.

Barrier Gate Access System

Barrier gates access systems are solid barricades that allow only authorized vehicles to enter the space, thus providing an additional layer of security.

maintenance services

Electronic and mechanical security equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure they don’t wear out prematurely. For example, a lack of proper maintenance of CCTV cameras can cause them to display blurry images or stop working for a shorter period of time than expected to last.

Fiber Optic Solution

Whether the application requires a high-precision fiber optic interconnect or a complex optical switch design, Envysion engineers can solve and/or develop a fiber optic system solution for your application.

installation & cabling structure

Carefully designed and perfectly installed cabling structure technology provides such a cabling infrastructure that delivers outstanding performance and gives you additional flexibility to accommodate moves, additions, and changes.